Barfield School of Dance offers programs for students from infancy to adult, designed to maximize skill development and a love for dance. Our purpose is to cultivate excellence in dancers of all ages, where students learn that dance is an art form. We treasure your child’s innocence with music, lyrics, and movement which are tasteful and appropriate. In addition, Barfield is unique by virtue of the beauty and tranquility of our physical setting. Stroll, sit, swing, chat, and simply relax while your child enjoys class.

Our facility houses three dance studios, with a total of 5,200 square feet of dance floor! All of the wooden floors have an airspace underneath them to protect the dancers’ muscles, bones, and joints.

Fall sports are ending

Now is the perfect time to join a dance class!

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Join our Kindermusik Class

Our Kindermusik program is designed for newborn - 20 months. This is a mommy (or daddy) and me class! 
Offered on Friday mornings 9:00am - 9:45am

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