The Curriculum

At Barfield School of Dance we offer programs for students ages newborn through adults. Each program is designed to maximize skills development and a love of dance. Our emphasis is on both creative movement and technique, using proven classic and developmentally sound systems of instruction. Barfield is dedicated to nurturing a healthy, optimistic outlook on life. You can rest assured that your child will be introduced to dance and music as forms of art and creativity. Parents are invited to attend a monthly class observation period, where they can see for themselves their child’s progress.

  • Our classes are offered year-round. We offer three enormously popular 5-day Dance Camps in June (awarded Best Summer Camp in Murfreesboro, 7 consecutive years). Dancers can attend Day Dance Camps or Overnight Dance Camps. All campers perform a fully costumed performance at the end of the week.
  • Each spring, our tap, jazz, ballet, and creative dance students perform in a spectacular production which consistently draws rave reviews for both its artistic and technical content.
  • Barfield dancers transition easily into other areas of dance and athletics, including gymnastics, soccer, cheerleading, and basketball.
PBT class
warm up in class
tap class

Toddler Music & Dance (newborn – 24 months)

A genuine love for young children is one reason for our success. In class newborns and toddlers are gently nurtured to enjoy a curriculum of singing, dancing, and rhythmic instruments which enhance cognitive, physical, and social development. Parents’ participation is an essential component of the class experience. You will be able to apply at home the techniques learned in class for sharing music and movement.

Creative Dance (2 – 4 year olds)

Introduction to dance, or Creative Dance, is designed with our own curriculum for children ages 2 – 4 years old. These classes help to develop an intuitive feel for music, rhythm, and creative dance skills. Children’s music is combined with elements of ballet, tap, and jazz. Young dancers acquire balance, poise, and self-confidence in group interactions and performances.

Ballet (5 years – adult)

Skills are acquired through an emphasis on technique and concepts developed in classic ballet. Building on a foundation developed by the Vaganova School of Ballet, young dancers progress rapidly into graceful and confident performers. Dancers are placed into age and skills-appropriate classes.

Tap (2 years – adult)

Barfield’s legendary razzle-dazzle tap performances all begin with structured sequential presentation and instruction (see Tiny Tappers, by Bonnie Nemeth). Students at every level make visible progress as they tap their way through Broadway and Hollywood musical scores in impeccably choreographed dances.

Jazz (5 years – adult)

High-energy movement and creative choreography combine to make Barfield jazz classes a virtual kinetic explosion!

Irish Step Dance (5 years – adult)

Students work on basic dance steps and will progress to light shoe dances including the reel, the light jig, and the slip jig. Class size permitting, figure dances and ceili dances will also be learned. After the soft shoe basics have been learned, students can progress to hard shoe dances such as the treble jig and hornpipe.

Pointe (11 years – adult)

Advanced Dancers may be invited to Pointe instruction. Again, with an emphasis on alignment and technique; dancers enter a world of grace, poise, and beauty. Enrollment is limited to dancers who have been properly trained and possess the flexibility, motivation, and maturity to study the most demanding and artistic form of ballet.

Hip Hop (7 years – adult)

We offer hip hop classes for beginner and advanced students. This dynamic and energetic 45 minute class will leave you sweating as you work through basic hip hop techniques, across the floor combinations, and choreography to popular age-appropriate music.

Modern (advanced)

A beloved class by our most advanced students. Our modern class focuses on studying the various styles and famous artists who are renowned for developing this art such as Martha Graham and Alvin Ailey. This class is very aerobic as dancers practice floor work, more difficult jumps, and everything in between.

PBT Class (teens - adults)

Get in great shape with our PBT classes! These All-body toning classes train muscle memory, as well as improve:

  • Core stability
  • Weight placement
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Posture
  • Body alignment

Supplies you'll need:

  • Yoga ball
  • Playground 'squishy ball'
  • Lacrosse ball
  • Yoga mat
  • Exercise band